Any organization is only as good as their people.

Luckily, our people are wonderful.

At Urban Gleaners we believe that everyone should have equitable access to opportunities in a safe and positive working environment. Our core values were written and decided on by our entire team. We hold each other accountable and lift each other up by celebrating our core values in our warehouse and in our community when we are out doing the work. We understand the deeply rooted systemic causes of inequitable access to resources like nutritious food and employment. Equity and equal opportunity are crucial to the success of our team and our program. 







Tracy Oseran

Tracy Oseran

Founder & Executive Director (she/her)


Tracy started Urban Gleaners in 2006 with the simple observation that there were hungry people in the Portland community who could be fed with good, edible food that was being thrown away every day in our city. Tracy was previously the owner of a catering company in Los Angeles and sold a packaged food product in local grocery stores. Her love of food and interest in community activism was a natural combination that led to the founding of Urban Gleaners.

Nico Nordin

Nico Nordin

Finance Director (she/her)

Born and raised just a few tributaries to the north along the I-5 corridor in Kelso, WA, it took Nico 6+ of her recent years living in the Sierra Nevada’s to realize that the Pacific Northwest is truly her home. With 6 years of prior non-profit experience, Nico brings significant financial savvy, a determined work ethic, and a deep passion for the environment to the table. Spending most of her free time snowboarding or surfing, Portland was the perfect place to settle down and find work that immersed her in the community. 

Luca Townsend

Luca Townsend

Food Equity Coordinator (he/they)

Luca is a Portland raised, queer activist and artist. They have been dedicated to serving the community the last four years through the efforts of Urban Gleaners. They are a sexuality, gender and queer studies major at PSU where they are developing a deeper understanding of systemic injustice and the importance of collective liberation.

Alec Boehm

Community Support Associate (he/him)

Alec is honored and proud to be working with Urban Gleaners. As a child, he collected stamps.

Jason Howd

Community Support Associate (he/him)

Jason has worked with food in the Portland area for almost two decades. A man of many hats — bread baker, pastry chef, farmers market manager, chocolatier, caterer, and journalist — Jason received a degree in Communication and Latin American Studies from PSU, and has since focused his reporting on food security/insecurity both locally and abroad. Look for his smiling face and have a chat! He loves seeing happy people go home with a full bag of awesome food.

Wesley mozil

Community Support Associate (they/them)

Wesley hails from the great white north (Canada, eh). They enjoy cowboy boots, juice, and building pallet furniture. If they’re not at Urban Gleaners trimming hedges or rescuing food, you will find them out in nature building fires and hiking around.

Jeff Monday

Community Support Associate (he/him)

A writer by nature, Jeff ironically has a hard time talking about himself. Suffice to say, he spent his younger years jumping out of the very first airplane he got into, tobogganing down a glacier and bartending into the wee hours too, too many nights. Surviving all that, he is now ecstatic to be a part of an organization dedicated to making a difference. Change begins with each one of us. 

Amber Durkin

Community Support Associate (she/her)


Amber grew up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada’s in Northern CA. She studied Geography at University of Nevada, Reno where she completed her undergrad and is currently back in school studying Sustainable Food Systems and Leadership for Sustainability Education at PSU. She is passionate about seeking food justice and ensuring equitable access to healthy food for all. In her free time, expect to find her mountain biking, hiking, foraging for mushrooms, making earrings, camping or hot springing. Nothing makes her happier than some time spent outside.

Tim seguin

Community Support Associate (he/him)

Tim grew up in the Northwest. He learned about food production and waste early on as a kid working in the orchards along the Columbia River. He believes everyone deserves access to clean water and healthy food, and he’s proud to be a part of an organization that is working to make that a reality. When not at UG, Tim is busy working towards his MFA in photography at the Hartford Art School.

Lizz Marks

Community Support Associate (she/her)

Lizz is a Portland native, recently returned to the city after some years of bouncing around the West. She is thrilled to be working for Urban Gleaners and giving back to the community where she was raised. While studying anthropology and environmental policy at the University of Puget Sound, Lizz fell in love with food for its place at the center of community, the environment, and social justice. She is deeply passionate about urban agriculture and the power of reconnecting people with land and local food systems. Outside of work, you can find her gardening, baking sourdough, climbing, making things, and asking to pet your dog.

Katy Hill

Community Support Associate (she/her)

Katy grew up in East Tennessee and found her way to the PNW chasing good community and abundant nature. She is currently working towards a Masters Degree in Leadership for Sustainability Education focusing on Food Justice and Climate Grief at PSU. Katy is passionate about equitable access to fresh food and the power of local community organizing. When she’s not at work, you can find her on the trails and at the park with her dog, Albert or drinking coffee at a cozy coffee shop. 

Amanda Pack

Tracy's Small Batch Granola - Head Baker (she/her)

Granola baker, cruciverbalist, pluviophile, cryptid enthusiast. Amanda went to culinary school kind of on a whim, has been in baking for over ten years, and is really happy with how it ultimately turned out. She has technically seen a UFO, and she wasn’t even alone at the time, ask Shawn if you don’t believe her.

Jaime Landsverk

Tracy's Small Batch Granola - Assistant Baker (she/her)

A friend once called Jaime a “swiss army knife” after she told them her background. In addition to the food and service industry, Jaime has also worked in healthcare, youth empowerment and activism nonprofit, farming, and action sports industries. Originally from MN, she has also lived in San Diego, CA and Estes Park, CO before landing in Oregon in 2014. Her education includes an Individualized BA focused on Social Action, a certificate in Medical Herbalism, and a Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition. With a heart for supporting her community and a love for food, she is happy to be able to further the mission of Urban Gleaners via Tracy’s Small Batch Granola. When not standing on a stepstool tossing granola, Jaime can be found wearing (in addition to a beanie) the many hats required for starting her own small food business Sidekick Provisions, camping, snowboarding, cooking and or paying too much attention to her houseplants. Her plug of the year: make sure you’re registered to vote!











Thank you to our wonderful board & ambassador board.