Once you understand the situation in Oregon today, Urban Gleaners’ simple approach makes so much sense.

Childhood Hunger

Oregon is one of the hungriest states in the nation. In 2022, 1 in 4 children don’t know where their next meal is coming from. The only food available to many children in Portland is government-subsidized breakfast and lunch—sometimes dinner is a bag of chips, or nothing at all.

Food Waste

Every year, American consumers, businesses, and farms spends $218 billion a year, or 1.3% of GDP, growing, processing, transporting, and disposing food that is never eaten. That’s 52 million tons of food sent to landfill annually, plus another 10 million tons that is discarded or left unharvested on farms. Meanwhile, one in seven Americans is food insecure. Despite rescuing over a million pounds of food each year, we are almost a zero waste organization, with any and all food that may not be fit for human consumption going to four local pig farmers.

The Solution!

There is so much great, healthy food in our community! With your support and a little work, we can feed hungry families and make the whole community healthier. Here is what we are doing right now to help solve these issues.

School Markets

Free Food Markets

Nonprofit Pickups

SChool Markets

Urban Gleaners distributes thousands of pounds of free food directly to kids and their families year-round. We provide local schools with onsite deliveries of fresh produce, dairy products, whole-grain breads, ready-to-eat meals and treats, because all children deserve wholesome nutrition and some fun food to brighten their days. The food we deliver is healthy, nutrient rich, and fundamental to a growing child’s health and wellness.

free food Markets

Our Free Food Markets are open to families who need food, no questions asked. Free Food Market sites are located in apartment complexes, community centers, and health facilities throughout the Portland area. These sites provide free, fresh food to families who are unable to regularly access our school markets or are living in food deserts in Multnomah or Washington County.

Nonprofit Pickups

We team up with other non-profit agencies to get food to Portlanders in need throughout our community. These unique partnerships  provide an opportunity for local families to engage in community support activities, while also ensuring that they are well fed. From community dinners to snacks at parent-training workshops, we believe that great food and a supportive community makes everything better.

Help us be a part of the solution.