We’re all about reducing waste and eliminating hunger.

The Urban Gleaners Story

In 2006, our founder Tracy Oseran discovered that hunger is not necessarily an issue of access, it is an issue of distribution. She and her two teenagers started talking to people in local restaurants, grocery stores, and bakeries. Tracy began a local movement that has grown into a vibrant volunteer-powered organization feeding thousands of families every week by rescuing fresh, unsold food—made up of the region’s best ingredients, from hand-roasted coffee and organic produce to fried chicken, gourmet deli sandwiches, and gluten-free cookies.

We now feed over 8,000 people every week through our school pantries, our summer free farmers markets, and our Mobile Markets at low-income housing communities. We collect and redistribute over 80,000 pounds of food every month. We know that gleaning alone is not going to solve our hunger problem. There are serious systemic issues facing us: widespread poverty, social injustice, and income inequality are just the start of it. But we can make a difference. Join us as a volunteer, a food donor, or with your financial support. Together, we can do a world of good.


Our food system is radically inefficient, and has excessive impacts across our climate, natural resources, food insecurity, and the economy. Food production uses 80% of all freshwater consumed in the US, a valuable and limited resource. At the same time, 40% of food that is produced is never eaten. This surplus food still requires enormous resources to grow, transport, harvest, and serve – even if it’s thrown away. Food waste is the single largest category of material placed in municipal landfills, where it emits methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. We know that the heaviest burdens from climate change unjustly fall on the shoulders of marginalized communities. Urban Gleaners is committed to mitigating the impacts of surplus food on our local waste stream by collecting and distributing edible food to our most at-risk neighbors. We believe that small, everyday actions can make a lasting impact on our climate and our people.

100% of the profits from Tracy’s Small~Batch Granola go to support Urban Gleaners

Handmade here in Portland, this delicious granola features dried cherries and pecans. Find it at local Zupan’s, New Seasons, Whole Foods and Market of Choice stores. It’s also available online.