About Us:

Our Mission

Our mission is to help alleviate hunger by collecting edible, surplus food that would otherwise be thrown away and redistributing it to agencies that feed the hungry. The concept of picking up and redistributing food is a simple weapon in the fight against hunger. Hunger is less a problem of scarce resources but rather inefficient distribution.

We are sorry, but we are unable to pick fruit trees or harvest field crops.

If you have fruit trees with too much fruit, please contact The Portland Fruit Tree Project

Our Programs

We provide different programs for redistributing gleaned food. Urban Gleaners delivers directly to:

    Food to Schools Program

  • In 2009, we began our Food to Schools program, addressing the plight of childhood hunger in Portland’s East Multnomah County. Currently, we have 23 schools on our roster that have been identified as having 75.1-95.3% of the elementary school children on free or reduced lunch.
    Summer Free Farmers Markets

  • Our Summer Free Farmers Markets provide hunger relief during the summer months to children and their families.
    Mobile Market

  • To meet the challenge of the large number of food deserts in east Multnomah County, Urban Gleaners brings Mobile Markets to the following apartment complexes.

Our Volunteers

None of these programs would be possible without the enduring help from our committed volunteers. Urban Gleaners relies on the skills and passion of some 45 volunteers whom on a weekly basis pick up and deliver food. To learn more about volunteering, click here.