Childhood Hunger Forum: Urban Gleaners Presents a Morning of Discourse and Innovative Problem Solving Concerning the Local and National Issues of Childhood Hunger

Urban Gleaner’s is happy to host the inaugural Childhood Hunger Forum. We invite the Portland community to meet in the inspiring MercyCorps Action Center to engage with our two guest speakers: Anna Lappe of the Small Planet Institute and LaDonna Redmond of the Campaign for Food Justice Now . Both of our speakers will share there knowledge on childhood hunger and how deeply rooted the issues are in our political and economic systems. Both speakers will address how we can de-institutionalize hunger and create innovative solutions.

MercyCorps has graciously offered to host the event in their large conference room located at 45 SW Ankeny. Please follow the link here for the full agenda. Urban Gleaners will provide coffee and a non-traditional food option: with the help of our guest chef (tbd) Urban Gleaners will serve delicious nibbles made entirely out of gleaned items.

Want to know more about our speakers?
Anna Lappé is a widely respected author and educator, known for her work as an expert on food systems and as a sustainable food advocate. The co-author or author of three books and the contributing author to ten others, Anna’s work has been widely translated internationally and featured in The New York Times,Gourmet,Oprah Magazine, among many other outlets. Named one of Time magazine’s “eco” Who’s-Who, Anna is a founding principal of the Small Planet Institute and the Small Planet Fund. She is currently the head of the Real Food Media Project, a new initiative to spread the story of the power of sustainable food using creative movies, an online action center, and grassroots events.” Taken from the Small Planet Institute website. Read more . . .

“When LaDonna Redmond couldn’t find an organic tomato within 10 minutes of her home in her Chicago neighborhood, she decided to become an urban farmer. Her urban garden led to a grass-roots movement of citywide-and then national-conversations about food justice. It is her quest to see that every citizen has a right to food. She now lives in Minneapolis and is the founder of a new organization (Campaign for Food Justice Now) to be a one-stop shop for individuals and organizations working on issues of food justice. [She] became interested and concerned about food justice issues when her son developed food allergies to shellfish, dairy products and peanuts at an early age. She realized that the right kinds of food for him were not readily available to in nearby neighborhoods-non-GMO [genetically modified organism], foods that were fresh and free from his allergens.
[She and her husband] started urban farming in their backyard” a project that grew from planting in vacant lots to developing urban farm sites that produced food to sell at local farmers markets. The backyard farming projects have turned into a personal movement that addresses the systemic issues plaguing local and national food systems. Taken from “The Daily Planet”.Read more . . .

This event would not be possible without the assistance of our amazing cosponsors: