Heidi Ofelt

Heidi has been pantry coordinator at Cherry Park Elementary since its inception two years ago.  Her persistence and devotion to running the pantry know no bounds.  Cherry Park is our only pantry that is held twice per week in order to allow more parents to have access to extra food.  This means that on almost one hundred days out of the year Heidi is there on the steps of Cherry Park Elementary waiting for us to deliver food for her families.  During the holidays Heidi even went out of her way to throw an extra pantry before Christmas so that the families that attend her pantry would have a good holiday meal.  Her positivity and exuberance are intoxicating and her warmth creates a welcome atmosphere at every pantry.  We honor Heidi as volunteer of the month this month and thank her for her consistent hard work and dedication.  She is an Urban Gleaner to the core.  In addition to volunteering with us she is a wife and a mother to a wonderful daughter and the cutest Saint Bernard puppy on the planet.