Any organization is only as good as their people. Luckily, our people are wonderful.

Tracy Oseran

Tracy Oseran

Founder & Executive Director

Tracy started Urban Gleaners in 2006 with the simple observation that there were hungry people in the Portland community who could be fed with good, edible food that was being thrown away every day in our city. Tracy was previously the owner of a catering company in Los Angeles and sold a packaged food product in local grocery stores. Her love of food and interest in community activism was a natural combination that led to the founding of Urban Gleaners.

Clare stager

Program Director

Ashley Hess

Ashley Hess

Development Director

Ashley grew up on an organic farm here in Oregon. Together with her husband and toddler, she remotely farms a small herd of miniature cattle and occasionally raises a turkey or forty. A fan of innovation, efficiency, and thriving communities, her passion for fundraising and food pairs perfectly with the mission and work of Urban Gleaners.

Alec Boehm

Community Support Associate

Alec is honored and proud to be working with Urban Gleaners. As a child, he collected stamps.

Jason Howd

Community Support Associate

Jason has worked with food in the Portland area for almost two decades. A man of many hats — bread baker, pastry chef, farmers market manager, chocolatier, caterer, and journalist — Jason received a degree in Communication and Latin American Studies from PSU, and has since focused his reporting on food security/insecurity both locally and abroad. Look for his smiling face and have a chat! He loves seeing happy people go home with a full bag of awesome food.

Mike Long

Community Support Associate

Mike is from Kelso, Washington, and after many years traveling, working with farms and community organizations in New Orleans, and doing environmental work in Rwanda, Alaska, and other countries, Mike returned to the Pacific Northwest. He’s passionate about reducing food waste, serving the community he lives in, and thinks space travel “sounds fun.”

Sarah Maness

Weekend Warehouse Coordinator

Sarah hails from the boonies of Southern Vermont (where there is still no cell service) and has always loved being in the kitchen. While studying human ecology at College of the Atlantic, she served as a farm to school educator and studied the roles of various stakeholders in the food system in her native Vermont—and discovered she enjoys doing the dirty work of food justice more than writing about it!

Richard Pacheco

Community Support Associate

Richard is a ninja. He has extensive experience in food service. And on occasion, we learn some new and esoteric fact about our coworker.

Thank you to our wonderful board & ambassador board.